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directors message

"Rama TMT bears the name of the most adored and admired person in Indian History, revered and worshiped as god- King Rama- the MaryadaPuroshottam. Setting up our foundations on such divinity we have journeyed this far with panache and carved out a niche in the steel sector. We continue to create a sustainable policy and principle that is firmly rooted in the ethnicity of the pluralist nation that we are-overarching histories and mythologies and legends who have inspired and mentored us. Ours is a continuous endeavor to inculcate and inoculate this "steel culture", grit and determinism in our personal, organizational, societal and national values; as we foresee a nation that stands strong and lead the world unto an era of perfection".

Mr. Sanjay Goyal

Managing Director


"Steel - a symbol of strength, durability, flexibility and sustainability; is what we forge for. At RAMA TMT it's been an incredulous journey so far amid the calendar of turmoiling, turbulent events in the national and local calendar. Despite the glitches and setbacks that hawks an individual and an organization, RAMA TMT like the steels it hearth has stood the test of times and corporate temperament".

"Our vision, mission and policies ensure that RAMA TMT is not only a successful and prosperous venture with high hold benefits for its stakeholders but also for the society at large".

Mr. Rajesh Gaur

Chief Operating Officer