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policies & practices

We ensure quality in all every arena & regular growth frequency to enhance the spirit & zeal of all our stakeholders. Our commitment shields the green and placidity of environment and exigency of the society

Safety and Occupational Health Policy (SOH)

  • Secure adherence with convenient SOH legislations
  • To gravitate and crow over objectives
  • To intercept / brought down SOH adversities through continual improvement in process and practices at all levels and functions for prevention of injury and ill health of the personnel
  • Hoist awareness, mastership and competency of our personnel so as to enable them to demonstrate their involvement, responsibility and accountability for sound SOH performance
  • Carryout risk appraisals associated with operations and take remedial measures pro-actively and implement system of health and safety audits

Environment Policy

To develop eco-friendly business units to promote greenery all around and to promote environmental awareness.

Environmental Policies:

Prevention is better than cure.

And there`s nothing virtually that can cure the crumbling nature in the face of pollution and contaminants- the byproduct of evolving industries and technologies; only a wipe-out by some disaster.

We have adopted preventive measures as a part of our policies to ensure a safe environment for the generations to come. We have developed our units and plants according to the safety and regulatory norms in compliance with international environmental safety standards.

Quality Policy

Quality and standard complement each other with client satisfaction and immense revenue. We have made it a second nature since our inception to look onto a sustained market growth for the sake of our esteemed stakeholders; this solely happens complying a quality policy that see to it that all the elements of Rama TMT meets the most stringent of the standards.

We constantly upgrade our technology and according to the evolving trends and demands we incorporate a work culture that adapts with the same. Our employees and staffs at the on-site and offsite units and base are made to undergo disciplined training ensuring their wholesome development.

The management bears the brunt for any lapses and glitches however minuscule it may be, hence we ensure that our management complies with the quality and standards of each and every element of the company whether technical or non-technical, with objectivity and review the same, in the process bettering the organization.

Total Productive Maintenance Policy (TPM)

Total productive maintenance policy is to ensure maximum productivity with negligible glitches in the organization, administration, management and the executable work with respect to the overall efficiency of the employee and the machinery. In order to maintain the same we implement “total productive maintenance” policy.

This policy ensures that there zero breakdowns, zero losses and that there be safe and efficient operation of plants; that there be a pleasant and high standard of working environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR)


Our CSR policy is an equation between our principles and our practices of the same.

No society can nurture and develop unless there is a give and take relationship between the giver and the taker.

As much as we endow from the Mother Nature for our raw needs, we payback in manifolds to ensure the environment and the society we inhabit and cohabit be sustained and properly taken care of.

We along with our stakeholders and partners in prosperity have taken initiatives to provide our best to eradicate the clouds of illiteracy, superstition, malnutrition, ill equipped rural infrastructure and such maladies with various timely and constant endeavors.

We also partner with the local Panchayat body and NGO`s to assist the government initiatives to better the spine of Indian economy- the villages and the Kisaans.

Our policy is to create a template for a society which lacks nothing in material and morally.

Guiding principles

Our guiding principles follows our humble policies to initiate and sustain a culture of equality and parity in the hierarchy and various strata of the society.

We make sure that our stakeholders not only are the partakers in our prosperity as an enterprise but also be partakers and leaders in service to the society and the country at large.

We strive to develop a culture for homogeneous development of efficiency across the organization and invoke the same among our development partners, community and other stakeholders.

We abide by our core incepting values of integrity and the affirmative to mentor the wayward youth across urban and rural areas.

Environmental issues are our major concern and our management and R&D team is constantly making initiatives and effort to develop programs and events that would cater to the same.


  • Employee
    • Develop a highly skilled workforce
    • Minimize employee turnover
    • Annual evaluations
  • Customers
    • Increase customer satisfaction
    • Minimize customer turnover (retention)
    • Increase customer baseAnnual evaluations
  • Quality
    • Quality the first time
    • Quality every time
    • Minimize product returns and allowances
    • Optimize the cost of quality
  • Financial performance
    • Minimize product cost
    • Maximize profitability
    • Lead industry in sales per employee
  • Operations
    • Minimize product lead time
    • Minimize inventory levels
    • Reduce non-value added activities
  • Products
    • Market leader in new products
    • Reduce product development time