Rama TMT

Rama TMT

Symbolizing Strength, Durability and Reliability.

About Us

About Us

Since 1973, the Rama Group has earned an esteemed reputation in India for delivering top-notch products and services, ranging from timber and plywood to steel. Under the visionary leadership of our Chairman, Shri Sanjay Goyal, the Rama Group has leveraged his knowledge and experience in manufacturing, trading, and business domains, propelling the company to new heights.

Established in 1999, Rama TMT has been empowering construction projects across India. As a leading brand, we are committed to constant innovation and cutting-edge technology, working towards a stronger, more robust nation. With a portfolio of over 100 projects, including national highways, dams, commercial buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, and flyovers, we have played a significant role in strengthening India’s infrastructure, making us the reliable choice for our customers.

Rama TMT is one of India’s leaders in steel manufacturing and supply. Our portfolio includes high-grade TMT bars with superior weldability, strength, ductility, and resistance to earthquakes, fire, and corrosion. With a broad market presence across construction infrastructure segments, we annually produce 60,000 MT of sponge iron and manufacture 5 lakh tons of TMT bars.

Rama Group

Rama Group

RKSK Steel India Pvt Ltd,

Satna, Madhya Pradesh

Rama Power & Steel Pvt Ltd,

Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Rama Udyog Pvt Ltd,

Siltara, Chhattisgarh

Rama Panels Pvt Ltd,

Rudrapur, Uttarakhand

Rama Wood Craft,

Satna, Madhya Pradesh

Jagdamba Saw Mill,

Satna, Madhya Pradesh

What makes rama tmt bar the best one

The use of latest, well equipped chemical laboratory for thorough analysis of chemical composition of raw materials, ultramodern PLC controlled machines, with on-line programming, built in self-diagnostic features for producing bars and the rolling plant with maximum speed and minimum cycle time of 12-15 seconds to ensure all physical properties as per international standards keeps RAMA TMT to firmly stick to the first place amongst all TMTs across the nation.

Directors message

Directors message

“Rama TMT bears the name of the most adored and admired person in Indian History, revered and worshiped as god- King Rama- the MaryadaPuroshottam. Setting up our foundations on such divinity we have journeyed this far with panache and carved out a niche in the steel sector. We continue to create a sustainable policy and principle that is firmly rooted in the ethnicity of the pluralist nation that we are-overarching histories and mythologies and legends who have inspired and mentored us. Ours is a continuous endeavor to inculcate and inoculate this “steel culture”, grit and determinism in our personal, organizational, societal and national values; as we foresee a nation that stands strong and lead the world unto an era of perfection”.

MD Sanjay Goel

Managing Director

“Welcome to RAMA TMT, where precision meets strength. I am privileged to lead a team at our steel manufacturing company that is passionately dedicated to driving excellence, fostering innovation, and championing sustainability. Together, we are not just shaping steel; we are shaping the future itself. Our commitment to delivering top-quality products is unwavering, as we strive to construct a better world, one steel bar at a time”.

Pankaj Somani


Our Mission

Empowering Dreams, Building Futures.

At Rama TMT, we’re dedicated to making dreams come true and creating a better future. With our top-quality TMT bars, we help build strong foundations for endless possibilities in construction, bringing progress and prosperity for everyone.

Our Vision

Redefining Possibilities, Enriching Lives

Rama TMT envisions a future where possibilities are endless and lives are enriched. As India’s top TMT company, we build trust and innovation, empowering individuals, businesses, and communities for sustainable growth across generations.

Our Policies

Perfection & Honesty

At Rama TMT, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of our operations. Our policies are aimed at achieving and sustaining perfection from raw material procurement to production and delivering the final products to our customers. We are dedicated to making dreams come true and creating a better future. With our top-quality TMT bars, we help build strong foundations for endless possibilities in construction, bringing progress and prosperity for everyone. Our one-line policy is never to compromise, even in the slightest, on the standards and quality we promise. We will regularly review and update our quality objectives and targets to ensure they remain aligned with our mission and vision.

Our Values

Our Values


We are dedicated to excellence in every detail, ensuring unparalleled quality and reliability in all our products.


We embrace creativity and innovation as the cornerstone of progress, continuously exploring new frontiers to meet evolving needs.


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to delivering exceptional service and support to exceed their expectations.


We conduct ourselves with honesty, transparency, and integrity, fostering trust and building lasting relationships with our stakeholders.


We believe in the power of collaboration, working hand-in-hand with our partners and stakeholders to achieve mutual success and drive positive change.


We are deeply committed to environmental sustainability, striving to minimize our ecological footprint and promote responsible practices throughout our operations.


We relentlessly pursue excellence in all aspects of our business, pushing the boundaries to deliver superior results and exceed the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.

Our Values Inspire Us At Each Step

Our Values Inspire Us At Each Step


People are what makes this company and us a great nation to begin with and it`s always our motto to serve them with the best.


Our partners and stakeholders are what make sustainable difference to us and our prospering organization. Valuing them and catering to them is what we strive for


Planet B is yet to found or Mars yet to be made inhabitable; till then this is where we live, work, play and die. Till then we take care of our planet. Take care of its Blue and take care of its Green.


Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization..


Parity among strata of individuals and societies, can mend what is making a mess of the planet and the people in general. We strive to bring parity and narrow the ever growing economical and fundamental gap between the same, thus ensuring a world that is indifferent to what we lack today.

Rama Udyog Pvt. Ltd.

Rama Udyog Pvt. Ltd.

Venture Of Rama Group

We incorporated in the year 2016, with the establishment of Rama Udyog Pvt. Ltd. and have slowly and steadily grown and emerged as one of the India’s leading manufacturer Sponge Iron using coal based DRI technology and is consumed to manufacture Special Steel & Mild Steel Billets throw Electric Arc Furnace route & Induction Furnace route. Generating 8 MW Power throw Captive Power Plant utilizing Was. Heat Recovery Boilers for recovery of Heat energy from Was. Gases of Sponge Iron Making & Char Dolochar, waste product also generated during Sponge Iron Production.

Short Description - Sponge Iron Division

  1. Total No. of Kiln – 4 of 50 TPD each capacity
  2. ESP- 4 No
  3. Existing Capacity – 60000 TPA
  4. Basic Raw Materials
  • Iron ore Grade 63%
  • Coal – F Grade Min. 32Fc
  • Dolomite

Production Facility

  2. 25T LRF, Harmonic Pound

Quality Assurance With Advance Technology

We are providing quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) laboratories is to determine if a product meets control specifications in relation to its identity, composition or purity. Due to the importance of product quality, each step of QA/QC testing is defined by strict standard operating procedures (SOPS).

Our Accreditation

Our Accreditation